Belfius uses Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to help detect fraud and money laundering

When Belfius, a prominent Belgian bank, started using AI and Machine Learning in operations, they struggled to synergize results for monitoring potential illegal activity. What did they do? Read this insightful customer story showing how by using Azure Machine Learning, Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Databricks Belfius improved development time, increased efficiency and gained reliability.

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What is machine learning?

Processing mathematical models of data to help a computer learn without direct instruction is how machine learning (ML) is defined. However, as you probably know already, there’s so much more to ML. See this instructive website by Microsoft Azure explaining how ML works to solve problems, how it’s used in modern industry and how ML learning algorithms are developed.

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5 ways to secure identity and access for 2024 | Microsoft Security Blog

Cyber threats are rising rapidly with 30 billion attempted password attacks per month, according to Microsoft. AI is helping attackers by launching and automating new and sophisticated cyberattacks. The best defense is a comprehensive strategy that incorporates identity access management and Microsoft AI-powered CoPilot. Read this Microsoft article to get advice for protecting your organization from cyberattacks in 2024

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The 2024 Work Trend Index: AI at Work Is Here. Now Comes the Hard Part

AI is already embedded in a wide range of applications, and many employees use AI tools on their own to help them in their work.

This survey report, the 2024 Work Trend Index by Microsoft and LinkedIn, found that 3 in every 4 knowledge workers use AI tools, and 79% of leaders agree their company needs to adopt AI to stay competitive.

Read this report to see the results of this extensive survey and find out what steps your enterprise can take to prepare for full AI adoption into your workplace.

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4 Strategies to Address the Biggest Challenges in Data Security

The rapidly growing volume of data, structured and unstructured, stored in diverse places makes data security more challenging than ever. In this eBook, you’ll get a quick but advanced view of the top challenges in data security today and advice for overcoming them. Download your complimentary copy of the eBook to dissect the how and why of understanding and protecting data and defending against identity-based threats.

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Grupo Bimbo bakes in end-to-end data security and compliance with Microsoft Purview

This customer story video shows how Grupo Bimbo, a major player in the consumer goods industry, rigorously protects its trove of recipes and R&D assets.

Its vast store of sensitive data calls for greater visibility and safeguards to ensure compliance with regulations in the many countries where Grupo Bimbo operates. The company has addressed that need by implanting solutions from the Microsoft Purview family of data security, governance, risk, and compliance applications.

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Microsoft named a Leader in 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Strategic Cloud Platform Services

In today’s rapidly changing tech environment, being recognized by an organization as prestigious as Gartner® calls for a celebration. Read this inspiring blog about how Microsoft was named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrantâ„¢ for Strategic Cloud Platform Services. The report showed that Microsoft had gone furthest in Completeness of Vision.

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Copilot for Microsoft 365: A whole new way of working with the power of generative AI

You’d be surprised how many tasks you do that Microsoft Copilot could do for you. From filtering and summarizing emails and texts to drafting reports, analyzing data for sales forecasts, and outlining presentations.

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is grounded in Microsoft Graph, which contains all your work content and context, like emails, chats, call transcripts, documents, and more. Download your complimentary copy of this inspiring eBook to discover all the ways Copilot can give your employees a whole new way of working.

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