What is Microsoft Copilot for Azure

Gain new insights, discover more benefits of the cloud, and orchestrate across both cloud and edge with the new Microsoft Copilot for Azure. Read this informational blog outlining what this innovative solution can do for your organization and it includes a link to give you a free preview.

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Crash Course in Microsoft Purview

With ChatGPT and other AI-powered productivity applications in use in corporate America, companies need to pay attention to the data that is flowing through those AI applications. Safeguarding sensitive data requires a data management and governance plan. In this e-book, you’ll learn how the Microsoft Purview data management platform delivers. Download and read the eBook and learn about Purview’s platform-based approach that enables information protection, data governance, risk management, and compliance across multicloud, multiplatform data estates.

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Build your own copilot with Azure AI Studio

Copilots are quickly becoming known as a unique AI category that gives businesses the opportunity to get products and services quickly to market. Watch this informative video about how your organization can build custom copilots using Azure AI Studio, the platform where you can confidently apply the latest state- of-the-art and open-source models.

Staying ahead of threat actors in the age of AI

In this article, you’ll learn how Microsoft Security and OpenAI are collaborating to ensure that new threats are identified and stopped quickly, as well as information on the top threats and threat actors identified by the Microsoft Security Intelligence Team.

The article also shares the five principles that Microsoft follows to ensure its AI technologies can’t be hacked and used by cybercriminals. These principles include transparency and collaboration with other AI providers.

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